What do I get when I order an Ecosapin?

All of our Christmas trees are specially selected in the nursery to be premium quality. All the trees in pot are delivered with a black pot and a saucer. Our big trees, that are cut, are delivered with a plinth. All our prices include the delivery. The pick-up is also included for our trees in pot. If you want, your Christmas tree can be delivered with a complete decoration kit and a colored pot.


How do I keep up my Christmas tree in pot ?

Our Ecosapins are living plants that are used to grow in cold and humid environments. To help them spend the best time possible in your warm and dry homes, we advise you to give them a big glass of water every day. Do not let your Ecosapin next to a heater or a chimney and do not trim it. Our Christmas trees support a stay of 2-4 weeks in a warm environment, so do not hesitate to let them outside as long as possible. The lower the temperature is (18-19 degrees), the longer your Ecosapin will support his stay.


What can I do if my Ecosapin tilts ?

During the transport, it often happens that your Ecosapin moves in his pot. To straiten it, you can hold the pot with your foot and push your Ecosapin's trunk.


Where do the Christmas trees come from ?

Our Christmas trees in pot come mainly from nurseries in France, Belgium and Germany. Each year more and more trees come from our own nurseries in canton Fribourg and Vaud. Unfortunately we do not have enough Swiss production to offer only our own trees.

All our cut trees come from our nurseries in canton Fribourg and Vaud.


For how long does an Ecosapin grow ?

Our smallest Ecosapins grow during 6 years to become 1 metre high. If he resisted to the heat of the Christmas holiday, he goes back to our nurcery. If he does not, he will be recycled in biogas.

Once it goes back to the nursery, an Ecosapin needs 3-4 years to plainly recover.


What can I find in the decoration kit ?

Each decoration kit is filled with unbreakable Christmas balls, Christmas decorations and a garland LED light. The kit allows you to decorate a tree until 2 metre high. The kit is delivered and picked up in a plastic box at the same time than your Christmas tree.


Is it possible to rent a smaller decoration kit for a smaller Christmas tree ?

All our decoration kits are the same size. If your tree is smaller than 2 metre you don't need to use all the decorations that are in the box.


What happens if some decorations are broken or lost ?

Ecosapin is allowed to charge you for the broken/lost decorations.


What happens if my Christmas tree does not survive after the Christmas holidays ?

If your Ecosapin hasn't survived its stay in a warm environment, it will be recycled in biogas. No additional charge will be sent to you.


Is it possible to let our Ecosapin outside ?

Yes, your Ecosapin will love it. The longer your Ecosapin stays outside, the best chance you give it to recover in January.


Is it possible to have the same Ecosapin year after year ?

This service is not possible for logistical reasons.


How can I cancel my order ?

You can cancel your order without any charge until 10 days before the delivery date. After this date you will be charged 50 CHF of cancellation fee.


Is it possible to offer an Ecosapin to someone ?

Once you have created your customer account, you can create orders with a different delivery address. The invoice will be sent to the invoicing address.


Who delivers the Ecosapins ?

The delivery and the pick-up is done by our own staff in the following regions: Basel, Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Luzern, Neuchatel, Saint-Gall, Tessin, Valais, Vaud, Zug and Zurich. Our customers from other Swiss regions will be delivered by the Swiss post.


How do I know when will I be delivered ?

Following your order you will receive a confirmation email that contains the delivery and pick-up dates. Normally your delivery will arrive on the day you chose, but we can't exclude the possibility that some deliveries may take place on the opening day before or after the chosen date.


What happens if I don't like my Ecosapin when it comes ?

Please contact us during the day following the delivery by email to the following address contact@ecosapin.ch and send us a picture of your tree.


What happens if I am not at home during the delivery or the pick-up ?

If you are absent during the delivery, we will leave your Ecosapin in front of your door.

If you are absent during the pick-up, please leave your Ecosapin with its accessories in front of your door. If you live in a building, please leave it in front of your appartment door or by the mail boxes. When you order your Ecosapin, please do not forget to give us all the informations needed to come by your door (entrance code, floor number)


What happens if I don't leave my Ecosapin in front of my door and I miss the postman or the delivery man ?

You should contact us at this address contact@ecosapin.ch, so we can organize a new pick-up that will be charged CHF 19


Why is Ecosapin more expensive than a normal Christmas tree ?

Your Ecosapin is delivered at home, and we come to pick it up after the holidays. We also take very good care of the trees during the whole year. This explains the higher prices.


If I have a question or a problem, who can I contact ?

You can contact us here and we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.


Can I come by and pick-up my Ecosapin?

Yes you can come by on opening days from November 26th until December 20nd from 9am to 12am and from 2pm to 5pm at Chemin du Vieux Réservoir 7, 1116 Cottens.

You can also buy your Ecosapin in our different partners shops:

Zurich region

St-Gallen region



Can I bring my Ecosapin back in Cottens ?

Yes, you can bring it back until the 16th of January at Chemin du Vieux Réservoir 7, 1116 Cottens


Are the cut Christmas trees also eco-friendly ?

As for our trees in pots, we have looked for the best way to valorize our cut trees. Each tree will be transformed into biogas, and we replant a new tree for every one we cut. Biogas will then be used, for instance, to heat houses or water, just like natural gas.


Can I give my Ecosapin back but keep the decoration set ?

No, if you chose to give your Ecosapin back you should return your decoration kit as well as your colored pot.


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