Enjoy a top-quality, forest-scented living Christmas tree, delivered and picked up at your home, on the dates of your choice. After the holidays, your tree will return to the earth where it belongs.


How does it work?

Get ready for a magical Christmas with Ecosapin, the company that makes trees move! Grab your magic tree, decorate it with intergalactic glitter, then send it back to Ecosapin for a festive reincarnation. These trees are real Christmas rockstars, and they're green to the core! So put on your funky Christmas hat and join the Ecosapin movement. We're turning the festive season into a green explosion of joy!


My little ecosapin

A lively, decorative 50 cm tree for your apartment, office or shop window.

My Little Ecosapin will be delivered on the date of your choice, complete with decorations and a pretty pot in the color of your choice.

After the holidays, you can keep your tree or send it back to us by dropping it off at any post office in Switzerland with its return label.

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Ecosapin offers for any company an all inclusive and personnalized Christmas decoration service.

Choose your Christmas tree and we will deliver it and pick it up when ever you want. 

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All of our Christmas trees are specially selected in the nursery to be premium quality. All the trees in pot are delivered with a black pot and a saucer. Our big trees, that are cut, are delivered with a plinth. All our prices include the delivery. The pick-up is also included for our trees in pot. If you want, your Christmas tree can be delivered with a complete decoration kit and a colored pot.

Our Ecosapins are living plants that are used to grow in cold and humid environments. To help them spend the best time possible in your warm and dry homes, we advise you to give them a big glass of water every day. Do not let your Ecosapin next to a heater or a chimney and do not trim it. Our Christmas trees support a stay of 2-4 weeks in a warm environment, so do not hesitate to let them outside as long as possible. The lower the temperature is (18-19 degrees), the longer your Ecosapin will support his stay.

Our smallest Ecosapins grow during 6 years to become 1 metre high. 80% of our trees will start again their life cycle after the Christmas holidays. If they do not, they will be recycled in biogas.

Once it goes back to the nursery, an Ecosapin needs 3-4 years to plainly recover.

Nos fournisseurs de sapins en pot proviennent de France, Belgique et Allemagne. Pour répondre à la demande, nous sommes actuellement contraints d’importer une majorité des sapins que nous offrons car la production indigène de sapins élevés en pot est très faible.

Nos sapins coupés de grande taille sont d'origine suisse. Nous sélectionnons toujours la plantation la plus proche de l'adresse de livraison afin de raccourcir au maximum les trajets. Pépinières partenaires dans les cantons de Bern, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Vaud et Zürich.

Notre objectif est d’offrir au plus vite un maximum de sapins en pot suisses. À cet effet, nous avons planté 1000 jeunes pousses à Cottens en 2011 et 3000 autres dans le canton de Fribourg en 2013. Ces jeunes sapins auront besoin de 6 à 10 ans avant de pouvoir rejoindre votre salon pour les fêtes de fin d'année.